Welcome to the IRC Village!

Hey all,

Lepus here.

Welcome to the IRC Village chatroom for mental illness.

If you’re new to the Village, you’ll probably want to know that we are a community of IRC chatters affected by mental illness in some form, be it ourselves or a family member or friend.  Most of us deal with schizophrenia and schizoaffective but we welcome people of all walks of life with all sorts of mental illnesses, whether it’s bipolar, depression, PTSD, borderline, etc.

If this is your first time here you’ll probably want to head on over to our page on how you can Get Started.  After a brief step by step tutorial you can register your new nickname and begin chatting.

Before you chat be sure to check out The Village Rules so you can see what’s expected of you as a new member of our community.

If you’ve already been here before head on over to our Chat Portal, or if you are on your mobile device you can access our Mobile Chat here.

Or visit our Gallery here to see our members!

And check out our new Resources page if you haven’t built up the courage to chat just yet or are in serious trouble.

Have fun chatting!