The Village has moved to IRCstorm!

The Village has moved from AfterNET to IRCStorm!

This is the new chat link:

You can register your nickname so no one else can use it.  Type /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email>in the chat window to register your nick. When you join the room again you have to type /msg nickserv IDENTIFY password in the nickserv tab above the cht window.

Make sure theres no space before the / .

You have a minute to identify your nick.

For those who have IRC-clients either computer or on the phone : ports 6667.

Important note : not all links are allowed on the ircStorm server, especially not links to other chat servers like schizophrenia-online and

Thats IRCstorm policy , we can not change that.  Avoid posting those links, it may result in a 30 day ban from the server which we can do nothing about.

Swearing or using rude language may lead to the same outcome as posting those chat servers.  This is your warning beforehand. For more guidelines read the next chapter.
Thank you.