About Us


This is a chatroom support community for those whose lives are touched by mental illness. All mental illness diagnoses are welcome, but most of the members have schizophrenia-type disorders. This is a community for adults (18+) only.

NOTE: If you or someone you care about needs help of an urgent nature, please contact emergency services in your area. There are also some helping services available as listed on our Resources page.


Our lives are affected by mental illness in some form, whether it is a friend or family member or the community member individually. We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or give professional advice. Most of us have experience with medications and symptoms associated with mental health. As such, we can provide information from personal experiences only. Before taking any suggestions, please seek professional advice.


These are a handful of abbreviations commonly used in conversation in the chatroom. If you have any confusion about abbreviations not listed here, just ask in the chatroom.

• MI: mental illness

• MH: mental health

• SZ: schizophrenia

• SZA: schizoaffective disorder

• BP: bipolar disorder

• BPD: borderline personality disorder

• DX: diagnosis

• TX: treatment

• SI/SH: Self-Injury / Self-Harm

• DX: Diagnosis

• AP: Antipsychotic medication

• AD: Antidepressant medication

• PDOC: Psychiatrist

  • AFK: Away From Keyboard



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