The Village in 2016

Happy New Year Villagers!   We begin 2016 by welcoming a bunch of new ops!   Luna, Fern, and Forest have all been freshly minted as operators.

ATTENTION NEWCOMERS!   There is now a tutorial on how to get started using the chatroom, including how to register your nickname.   To read it, go here or click Getting Started on the top bar.

Also later in the year there may be a New York City Village Meetup happening so check back here for updates or ask Lepus when you see him in main.

Also thanks to Matty from IRCStorm who put in a lot of hard work to give us our brand new chat portals.   You can access the web portal here.   And you can access the new mobile portal here.

Scroll down for other posts and check the top bar to see our gallery and guidelines.

Have a safe and happy 2016!

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