Welcome to the IRC Village!

Hey all,

Lepus here.

Welcome to the IRC Village chatroom for mental illness.

If you’re new to the Village, you’ll probably want to know that we are a community of IRC chatters affected by mental illness in some form, be it ourselves or a family member or friend.  Most of us deal with schizophrenia and schizoaffective but we welcome people of all walks of life with all sorts of mental illnesses, whether it’s bipolar, depression, PTSD, borderline, etc.

If this is your first time here you’ll probably want to head on over to our page on how you can Get Started.  After a brief step by step tutorial you can register your new nickname and begin chatting.

Before you chat be sure to check out The Village Guidelines so you can see what’s expected of you as a new member of our community.

If you’ve already been here before head on over to our Chat Portal, or if you are on your mobile device you can access our Mobile Chat here.

Or visit our Gallery here to see our members.

Have fun chatting!


NYC Village Meetup on December 17th, 2016!

Hey all,

ATTENTION all villagers in the New York City area: we will be having an official IRC Village meet up in Manhattan on Saturday, December 17th.

We’ll meet before lunch and then go eat crispy, delicious arepas at a nice Venezuelan restaurant before chatting a bit over coffee and then going bowling. (we will not be going bowling, haha)

If you are interested in attending please contact Lepus either in the chatroom or at lepus@theircvillage.com for details such as exactly where and when we are meeting, etc.

Hope to see you there!


UPDATE:  The meetup went splendidly.

Schizo Buttons made for The IRC Village!!

Hey all,

Lepus here.

So I’ve gone ahead and made some pin-on buttons for the people of the chatroom which you can put on your jacket, backpack, or anywhere you’d like.  You can see the design below.


I’ve only printed up 50 of them and they should be in soon so if you want one be sure to send me your address via email.

I can be reached at lepus@theircvillage.com  .

Get ’em while they’re hot!

The Village in 2016

Happy New Year Villagers!   We begin 2016 by welcoming a bunch of new ops!   Luna, Fern, and Forest have all been freshly minted as operators.

ATTENTION NEWCOMERS!   There is now a tutorial on how to get started using the chatroom, including how to register your nickname.   To read it, go here or click Getting Started on the top bar.

Also later in the year there may be a New York City Village Meetup happening so check back here for updates or ask Lepus when you see him in main.

Also thanks to Matty from IRCStorm who put in a lot of hard work to give us our brand new chat portals.   You can access the web portal here.   And you can access the new mobile portal here.

Scroll down for other posts and check the top bar to see our gallery and guidelines.

Have a safe and happy 2016!

The Village has moved to IRCstorm!

The Village has moved from AfterNET to IRCStorm!

This is the new chat link:  http://theircvillage.com/chat/

You can register your nickname so no one else can use it.  Type /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email>in the chat window to register your nick. When you join the room again you have to type /msg nickserv IDENTIFY password in the nickserv tab above the cht window.

Make sure theres no space before the / .

You have a minute to identify your nick.

For those who have IRC-clients either computer or on the phone : irc.ircstorm.net ports 6667.

Important note : not all links are allowed on the ircStorm server, especially not links to other chat servers like schizophrenia-online and schizochat.com.

Thats IRCstorm policy , we can not change that.  Avoid posting those links, it may result in a 30 day ban from the server which we can do nothing about.

Swearing or using rude language may lead to the same outcome as posting those chat servers.  This is your warning beforehand. For more guidelines read the next chapter.
Thank you.

The Village Guidelines

Please be aware that many of us are good listeners but this is not an emergency room.  We are not professionals. 

Its ok to talk about feeling very depressed and low and share ideas and advice but please refrain from posting suicide threats in the chatroom. 

If you need urgent help please contact your local help services or go to :

Suicide prevention life line (USA)
http://www.nami.org  (USA)
Crisis Text line  (USA)
Samaritans  (UK)
http://www.rethink.org/  (UK)
Life Line Crisis support (AUS)
https://www.sane.org/  (AUS)
Helplines Suicide prevention Canada (CA)
Suicide prevention helplines India (INDIA)
Hulplijn 113online via telefoon of chat (NL)

Or google a helpline in your country ..


These are just a handful of common abbreviations used in our discussions in this channel.  If you have any questions about abbreviations not listed here, please feel free to ask.

MI — Mental Illness
SZ — Schizophrenia
SZA — Schizoaffective
BP — Bipolar
PSZ — Paranoid Schizophrenia
BPD — Borderline Personality Disorder
SI/SH — Self-Injury / Self-Harm*
DX — Diagnosis
AP — Anti-psychotic
PDOC – Psychiatrist

Chat Guidelines:

(Please note that this list does not necessarily include every possible scenario)

Chatters must be 18 years of age and over .

Please do not ASL ( ask age-sex-location) in our channel.  This isn’t a pick-up room.

Please be civil and supportive.

Please choose an appropriate and consistent nick.

This is an English-speaking channel.  Speaking other languages in several sentences that only one or two other people can understand is not allowed. 

If you wish to send a PM (or Private Message) to someone in the chat, you must first ask permission in the main chat room.  Do not PM anyone without first getting his/her permission
to do so.

It is strongly suggested that if you don’t like what someone is saying, simply utilize the “ignore” feature.  It’s easy to do, and will make your chatting experience more enjoyable.  To ignore a chatter, click on their nick in the list and select “ignore”, or type /ignore <the nick>.

This is an international chat room.  People from all over the world come here to chat in a supportive environment.  Thus, insulting or speaking in a negative way about someone’s country, culture, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, race, etc., will result in action taken by the channel’s operators, whether it be a devoicing, or leading up to a ban.

Please do no preach your religious beliefs upon others

Do NOT encourage anyone to stop taking their medication 

The topic of illegal drug use is not discussed here except when you need support to quit. Do not encourage others to use street drugs , this may lead to a kick from the channel.

We don’t mind if you drink and chat, but you don’t have to mention or advertise it.  Some people here have quit drinking and it’s hard for them if others talk about alcohol all the time. If you want to quit drinking, we may be able to give support or point you to sober support. No fun chat about alcohol though. And we don’t accept being drunk as an excuse for bad or bullying behavior.

Profanity, while certainly not encouraged, is allowed as long as it is not used excessively or repeatedly in a manner meant to disrupt chat or gain negative attention.  You can still make your point without excessive expletives.

Pornography is not permitted in any form.  No links, pics, etc.  No sex talk ( except the topic of sexual side effects)

Please don’t post links that might upset others. If you are asked to stop posting links, and you continue, you will be devoiced and possibly banned.

Spamming is not tolerated and will result in devoicing and likely a kick from the channel.

Trolling and/or instigating:  Do not start or enter into a conversation merely to provoke someone in a negative manner.  While we don’t mind debates and encourage healthy discussions, any provocation or instigation of others will result in devoicing…..(This includes talking trash about others when they are not there to defend themselves). Those with a history of provocation of others will get an automatic ban without warning.  Consider this your warning.

Monologues, typically in the form of scrolling or flooding the channel, while there are others currently having a chat or discussion, are disruptive and rude.  You will be asked to stop.  If you do not stop, you will be devoiced.

Encouraging another person to harm themselves, or to harm others, is an automatic ban, and there will be no warning.  Consider this your warning , as well.

If you are devoiced, you will be told by the operator when you are to be revoiced.  Do not PM the ops about it.  You were devoiced for a reason, and nagging the ops in PM will just extend the length of your devoice.  Sending rude or hostile PMs to the ops will result in a ban without warning.  Hence, warning now.

If you have been banned from the channel, you were surely warned, or have been warned by reading these rules.  Therefore, any PMing, Skyping, Facebook messaging, etc., of operators and owners during this ban will extend the length of your ban.

Initial bans usually last a day or matter of days.  People who frequently get banned for disrupting the channel with the same behavior will have their bans extended.  Up to and possibly including a permanent ban from the channel.

Devoice evasion ( logging out and in again right after you are devoiced) will result in a 24h ban.

These rules are merely a guideline, and application of your common sense is encouraged.  New situations will arise dailyIf you are asked by an op to stop doing something, or to change the topic, etc., and you choose not to change your behavior, then this shows to us that you also are choosing to accept whatever consequences may be given to you.  Keep in mind that these rules were made to encourage a pleasant, safe and supportive place to chat for everyone. If you don’t like the rules, then don’t come here.  Nagging about the rules will not change them.

Referring to Lepus as a giant rabbit is acceptable.

Chat for Mental Illness